Re-launched Helps Consumers Put Surplus Items to Good Use

Specialist consumer goods recycling portal has this week announced a re-launch of its offering to give consumers an improved goods recycling service. The website lets people promote their unwanted consumer items to other people who might have a use for them and also helps people to make money from outdated mobile phones instead of throwing them away.

The site carries all manner of consumer products which people can recycle, from electronic items to electrical white goods and computer kit. People who have goods that they no longer need can quickly and easily find people who actually need that item and therefore put it to better use than throwing it away. operates with an environmental mission to help reduce landfill usage in the UK.

People can advertise their items for recycling for free on the website, and the recently re-launched site now offers users better services than ever. Every advertiser can now list their own unique contact ‘phone number on the site and users are able to sign up for email alerts when an item they have requested is published for exchange on the site.

The site also allows tailoring of searches to let users find the relevant items available for exchange closest to their home address. So if a user is interested in mobile phone recycling via the site, they are quickly and easily able to find people who live near them prepared to take a phone off their hands.

Via EPR Network
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