Buy Wine, Help Save The Bees!

Banrock Station, the eco-conscious wine brand, has launched a range of three new wines available exclusively at The Co-operative from 18th August 2010. Money from the sale of every bottle of these wines will go to help preserve the British bee population as part of The Co-operative’s Plan Bee campaign to help save the Bees in the UK.

Five pence from every bottle sold goes towards the fundraising campaign with a target of raising £45,000. This money will fund Plan Bee projects in the UK. Launched in 2009, The Co-operative’s Plan Bee campaign aims to raise awareness of honeybee decline, fund new scientific research, and encourage people to help bees in their own gardens.

For over a decade Banrock Station has brought the pleasure of fine Australian wine and the message of conservation to the world. The winery uses the conservation expertise acquired from restoring the natural land of its own vineyards to select which projects to support. To date, Banrock Station has contributed £2.3million to 95 environmental projects around the world.

Banrock Station supports projects that share its philosophy of enhancing the natural environment. The humble honeybee pollinates a third of the food that we eat, meaning that we rely on them for apples, pears, raspberries, carrots and onions, among other everyday items. A fifth of our bee population died last winter alone and if it continues, the cost of food could increase significantly.

Clare Griffiths, Banrock Station, said: “We are pleased to be supporting The Co-operative’s Plan Bee campaign as the latest in a long line of important international conservation projects. The bee may be small but it does a big job for all of us. This initiative is vital to help restore the UK’s bee population to ensure that many of the foods that we take for granted don’t start to disappear.”

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