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RDZ Industrial Heating – High Comfort and Energy-saving

The choice as to the type of heating to use in industrial premises is essentially based on financial and comfort considerations. Reductions in energy consumption are an essential element when it comes to considering an effective heating system, both in terms of the saving involved, as well as from the environmental point of view.

RDZ Industrial Heating - High Comfort and Energy-saving

Another factor of key importance in any heating system for industrial premises is the required level of comfort which enables users to work in a pleasant, healthy environment without currents of air or dust. Comfort and energy saving are the two main factors when choosing RDZ industrial underfloor heating system.

Underfloor heating systems are especially suitable for industrial premises with particularly high ceilings, since heat diffusion due to radiation allows rooms to be heated to human height. Apart from maximum comfort, however, industrial premises show excellent results in terms of energy consumption with savings of up to 50% compared to a standard air heating system. Indeed, uniform temperature distribution not only guarantees the sensation of physical wellbeing but also allows the system to be operated at low temperatures, thus significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional systems.

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