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Greenie Speed Dating Event Hosted by OC Green Market Saturday, February 11 at Irvine Valley College

OC Green Market, a division of Healthy Bargains, LLC, has announced it will host a Greenie Speed Dating event on Saturday, February 11, two days before Valentine’s Day, from 12-2 pm at Irvine Valley College. Each participant will meet 7 men or women with each conversation lasting 5 minutes. After the event participants will receive their matches through email.

“This is a great event to meet other people that care about the environment, work in the environmental field or live a green lifestyle like you do. And because it’s held outdoors in the middle of the day, the atmosphere is more casual than an evening event and you don’t have to get all dressed up! says organizer Rana Sabeh.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at http://ocgreenmarketdating-auto.eventbrite.com/.

Green Saturdays @ OC Green Market is open once a month every Second Saturday from 9am – 2pm at Irvine Valley College. OC Green Market is the first of its kind in Orange County, CA to exclusively feature unique eco-friendly merchants. Having launched November 2011, it’s still small and growing and soon will offer a ‘one-stop shop’ of green products and services, holistic/alternative therapies and educational nonprofits.

Classes began January 14 and will continue monthly (except February) at every market date. Topics will be diverse but focused within green and healthy living. Fitness classes such as Yoga and Zumba will be added as well.

“I want to pull in people who don’t know about living green and educate them to see how it can fit into their lifestyle,” said Rana Sabeh, creator of OC Green Market.

“It’s an opportunity for them to understand that it’s a win-win for their health, families and for the environment, as well.”

Visit our website at http://www.ocgreenmarket.com/ or Facebook or Twitter.

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Environmentally-Friendly Way To Get Rid Of Your Rat Problem

A COMPANY has developed an environmentally-friendly way of helping get rid of your Rat Problem – by tempting them out of hiding like the legendary Pied Piper and Relocating their Nests by using Foods they love to eat.

Environmentally-Friendly Way To Get Rid Of Your Rat Problem

But instead of luring the rats with music, W.H.I.C – E.R.A.S.E.TM eliminates the rodent problem by enticing them with their favourite foods.

The firm is confident its modern-day Pied Piper effect will help businesses, workplaces and other organizations eradicate their rat problem using a natural method, which is safe for both children and pets.

The company’s special food pellet formula includes a mixture of foods that rats love, including peanuts and soybeans.

Food Formulator Ernest Adam Csolkovits, who is CEO of Michigan-based W.H.I.C, said: “Rodents like the same foods as humans.

“This rodenticide works by using the same ‘following effect’ as the Pied Piper to help get rid of rodents. Instead of music, we use their favorite foods (the same food humans eat) in a small pellet form.

“This is the perfect green solution to E.R.A.S.E. your rodent problem.”

W.H.I.C – E.R.A.S.E.TM (Eliminate Rodents And Save Everyone) uses a non-toxic food pellet formula, which is safe for both youngsters and pets.

Latest figures show that more than 1.1million children aged five and under are exposed to poisons every year in the US and Canada, while there are also more than 400,000 cases of pet poisoning annually.

But Mr Csolkovits, who developed the product, added: “This product is safe for humans and pets. Why would anyone want to use something that could be harmful and even fatal to your loved ones?

“W.H.I.C – E.R.A.S.E.TM was invented to eliminate the fear of deadly poisons in homes, workplaces, schools and anywhere you and your loved ones would visit. Let W.H.I.C – E.R.A.S.E.TM give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your family is safe.”
Rats have a keen sense of smell and can easily sniff out poison. They usually urinate on the poison as a warning to other rats.

But studies have shown that they favour certain foods and will be attracted by the smell and taste of the ingredients in W.H.I.C – E.R.A.S.E.TM Also, the rats will not consider it a poison because the ingredients can be eaten by humans and can be found in Food.
The new product is currently available in Alaska and Wyoming but the ambitious company is planning to serve other areas.

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